Restaurant insurance

While insurance coverage may be similar from one business to the next in the food-service industry, it’s important to carefully analyze the type of business being operated, to determine its potential risks and to protect it well. Your risks are real, whether or not you have an alcohol license, offer a delivery service, have a high-value wine collection, or require your employees to handle large amounts of money. Whatever your situation, there are many solutions available to you. Your broker at Courtiers Multi Plus Insurance will provide you with the very best advice.

The following protections are generally offered in the food-service industry:

  • Property insurance, including equipment and stock, and including in transit
  • Protection against indirect damage to perishable merchandise (temperature variations, power outages, equipment failures, etc.)
  • Peak season endorsement
  • Heating and electrical equipment breakdown insurance
  • Loss of revenue after a covered loss
  • Third-party liability insurance covering your location and products sold, as well as food poisoning

Our brokers understand the risks involved in your business and will recommend the best protections at the best price.

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