Personal insurance

The peace of mind of having the right insurance protection

Your Courtiers Multi Plus Insurance broker understands the job through and through. They make sure to be thoroughly familiar with your situation so they can propose products that will protect you properly. Your broker works with a variety of insurers and will suggest the one that offers the best protection at the right price for you.

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Home insurance

Whether you’re the owner of a house, condo, income property or second home, whether you work from home or whether you’re a tenant, we match you with protection that’s tailored to your general and specific needs:

  • Insurance for your building and personal property
  • Extra expense insurance following a covered loss (hotel and restaurant costs, etc.)
  • Protection against sewer backup and water damage
  • Protection against theft and fire
  • Legal insurance and legal assistance
  • Home assistance
  • And much more

Car insurance

Whether you use your vehicle for work or for fun, our range of protection packages will cover you against damage to your vehicle and against civil suits, so you can drive with peace of mind:

  • Protection against damage to your vehicle
  • Insurance covering rental costs in case of loss of use of your vehicle
  • Liability insurance for rented vehicles
  • Replacement insurance (value of new car)
  • And much more

Insurance for high-value homes and vehicles

Insuring high-value goods requires special expertise. At Courtiers Multi Plus Insurance we have brokers specialized in this type of coverage. Your broker will carefully assess your needs and propose the best products offered by the insurer meeting your exact needs. This type of insurance generally applies to classic or high-value cars and to properties of over $1.5 million. However, homes are eligible starting at a value of $750,000.