High-value homes and cars

Insuring your high-value goods is our speciality

If you own a high-value property, vehicle or goods, it’s important to have insurance that’s tailor-made for your needs so you can be worry-free in the event of a loss. In Quebec, the insurance market for high-value properties is limited to only a few specialized insurers. Your broker will find the one whose services best meet your needs and whose prices are competitive.

The importance of properly protecting your assets

If your property’s replacement value is above $750,000, or if it is built with special architectural features, this type of contract will offer you customized protections. It secures the value of your assets through appropriate protections, which are determined during a professional evaluation done immediately after you take out your new policy. You will receive a copy of the evaluation report, free of charge. As for your vehicle, depending on its value, we can insure it with a conventional insurer or with the insurer already covering your high-value residence.

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The benefits of this type of insurance contract

Insurers of high-value goods offer superior-quality, personalized service to meet your expectations. Loss settlements are handled by people qualified for your type of property and your lifestyle. Working in your best interest, they will do their utmost to simplify your claim request and settle the loss quickly.

  • Ability to take out high insurance limits
  • Free evaluation after you take out a new policy
  • VIP treatment in case of loss
  • Higher insurance limits than regular contracts for certain types of goods (jewellery, artwork, bicycles, etc.)
  • Capacity to cover certain goods through supplementary insurance (for jewellery, artwork, wine cellars, etc.)
  • Compensation at replacement value of your goods without obligation to rebuild or replace
  • Possibility of insuring property located outside the country

High-value insurance requires a specialist who understands this type of market and is able to evaluate your goods. Contact us: we know how to provide the protection your assets deserve.