Distributors or wholesalers

Wholesalers and distributors insurance

Is your company the intermediary between manufacturers and retailers? Do you distribute food products, sporting goods, clothing, construction materials or electronic parts? No matter what type of products you distribute, a complete analysis of your insurance coverage needs is essential to make sure your company is well protected. Our brokers will work with you to assess the risks of your industry and then propose insurance solutions that reflect your reality.

The following protections are generally offered to distributors and wholesalers:

  • Building insurance
  • Insurance for equipment and stock, including goods in transit
  • Protection against indirect damage to perishable merchandise (temperature variations, power outages, equipment failures, etc.)
  • Peak season coverage
  • Heating and electrical equipment breakdown insurance
  • Business interruption insurance (against loss of income following a covered loss)
  • Third-party liability insurance covering your location and products sold
  • Directors and officers liability insurance
  • Product recall insurance
  • Supplier shortage insurance

Our brokers understand the risks involved in your business and will recommend the best protections at the best price.

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